OUT NOW! GL​-​CS011 : THAL / HASHISHIAN - Taurean Split Cassette

Cat. No: GL​-​CS011
Title: THAL / HASHISHIAN - Taurean Split Cassette
Info: The unexpected pairing of THAL and Hashishian for the ‘Taurean‘ split EP was a nice surprise and in THAL‘s case, a nice holdover item while the work continues on the follow-up to Glitter. He probably won’t mind me telling you this but Vince recently let me hear a brand new THAL demo track, a work-in-progress if you will. Even in that raw state I can tell you the song is bad ass and definitely displayed some experimentation going on with the band’s overall sound, and vocals too.
THAL - USA stoner rock meet HASHISHIAN- SABAH sludge/doom. Total doom!!!
Pressing Run: 100 copies
Listen: GL​-​CS011 : THAL / HASHISHIAN - Taurean Split