GLORD001 : LOSST - 5 Track Demo 7"

Cat. No: GLORD001
Title: LOSST - 5 Track Demo 7"
Colour: Black, Blue & White vinyl
Pressing Run: 300 copies
I know a fair share about the Malaysian Oi! scene that emerged in the late 90’s and early 00’s, but when it comes down to Malaysian hardcore my knowledge never reached further than bands like Another Side and Social Cure, period. Now, 16 years after one of my shopping sprees in Kuantan (buying every single cassette my grubby hands could get a hold on), I can add a third band to this ever growing list of far-East hardcore trivia; Losst.
Busting straight out of the heart of mainland-Malaysia, from the small city of Mentakab to be more precise, comes this ‘face-stomping hardcore’ pack. Recently Losst unleashed their first demo and although it takes some balls to call your music ‘face-stomping hardcore’ from the get-go, the five tracks on this tape definitely leave you battered, bruised and with a black eye or two behind! A total ripper from start to finish!
Out for total destruction, Losst’s demo storms out of your speakers like an Asian tsunami. With over half of the tracks barely ticking over a minute, none of them even reach the two-minute mark! Fast, loud and (stomping) in-your-face, the first run of this cassette sold out in the blink of an eye... But don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet, because a second run is out now and highly recommended for those that like to bust-a-move!
- American-Oi